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H&M Maxi dress, Hot Pink Jacket and Gladiators

I absolutely love this dress! I bought it from H&M last year for only £14.99!, but as we were approaching winter, I never had the chance to wear it until this year when the weather began to improve. To be honest, the day we took these pictures was sunny....but absolutely freezing! My poor toes! lol

I decided on shooting this look in this particular park because of the scenery.....so much greenery and it complimented the pattern on the dress so well!

It is such a great flowy dress for every season except winter, I really love the pattern of the dress-it literally looks like I am covered in autumn leaves :-)

This jacket....Maaaan this jacket! It is one of my favourites! It is one of my favourite shades of pink-such a fun and happy colour :-D  I bought it for £15 from Primark. Ok, so it's not real leather-but it sure does feel like it, very soft and buttery lol
I have it in blue also, I haven't worn it in a while so maybe it's time to pull it out!

I really enjoyed the combination of brown and pink in this outfit, equally warm colours that managed to compliment each other really well. I barely have any brown pieces of clothing in my collectioon, but I think the tone of this dress works well with my skintone.

Now the sandals, wow....I am obsessed with them! I love every detail about them, the lace detail and the gold accents especially. Infact I love them so much that I bought them in black also ;-)

I thought the brown pair worked really well with this dress because they sort of "blend in" with the colour and don't take attention away from the dress, while at the same time still standing out.

This clutch is soooo nice! I don't think the pictures do it justice. I was watching a vlog by beauty blogger MissyLynn and I spotted it on her, I was amazed when she said she bought it from eBay-I found it straight away and immediately bought it! It was shipped from China and to be honest the delivery didn't take that long at all so it was well worth it!

Maxi Dress £14.99 H&M | Jacket £15 Primark | Sandals £22 Primark | Gold Clutch £12.99 eBay | Sunglasses £6.99 H&M

I'm looking forward to wearing this dress more in this season, and the next!

Before I go, I would like to thank my wonderful son for taking these pictured for me-he does an amazing job!....especially for a ten year old!

Be sure to check out my previous post! Wearing bright yellow trousers in Sicily! The views are amazing! :-D

Thanks for reading :-D

Summer Outfit-Yellow Trousers & Blue Top in Sicily

So this next outfit I wore on our second visit to the Antico Greco (Greek Theatre) in Taormina, Sicily. That's right we went twice! Because it was so nice and I wanted a few more pictures up there...

I bought these yellow trousers aaaaaages ago in a Zara sale. I love picking up vibrant pieces wherever I can and these trousers are certainly that! :-D

As much as I love them, I did feel like they were too "loud" for London, so decided to wait until I was in a warmer climate to make full use of them-and being surround by sun and Sicilian lemons in town, Taormina was the perfect place to wear them....although-I did still stand out! Lol!
I wore them with this pretty blue lace top I picked up from Primark for only £3!  I love wearing blue and yellow together, and these two pieces complimented each other so well

This Hermes silk scarf was a lucky eBay find! I think I paid around £70 for it with the original packaging :-)

I am in love with this jacket! I found it in Primark for an amazing £5! they had it in a black/white version but I much preferred it in blue. It makes such a great holiday piece as it is very light weight but also padded, so you can wear it on cool summer nights to keep the chill off. I really love the tassell trim also! :-D

Can't resist the Gelato!!!! 

 We are fans of lizards!

Trousers £17 Zara | Jacket £5 Primark | Blue floral top £3 Primark | Blue vest £4 Primark | Plimsolls £4 Primark | Earrings £2.50 Forever 21 | Scarf around £70 Hermes found on eBay | Bag Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 MC

If you do make the trip to Sicily, I would recommend a visit to the Greek Theater, it is amazing to see in real life, and the views are beautiful! on a clear day you can visibly see Mount Etna! It costs ten Euros to get in, and kids go free :-D

I look forward to seeing what more Sicily has to offer in the future! We hope you like this post, leave us a comment below! X

Summer Outfit-Pink Jeans and Boho Dress in Sicily

The Topshop Reversible Sateen Bomber Jacket

 If you would have told me a year ago (even a few months ago) that I would buy a bomber jacket....I would've told you "you're crazy!" Not that I had anything against them, I just hadn't thought about owning one in recent times. But this one changed my thoughts.....