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The Topshop Reversible Sateen Bomber Jacket

 If you would have told me a year ago (even a few months ago) that I would buy a bomber jacket....I would've told you "you're crazy!" Not that I had anything against them, I just hadn't thought about owning one in recent times. But this one changed my thoughts.....

Summer outfit-Blue maxi skirt in Sicily

At the end of March I was suffering from a bit of cabin fever being stuck in London since last August when we went to Paris, So I decided to jet us off to Taormina in Sicily for a week during Easter :-)

How To Wear Leopard Print Boots

Don't you hate it when things don't go to plan? especially when you have been planning it for months?!
You might remember in the previous post Birthday Blues, that I wasn't feeling my best, and as a result I ended up cancelling a trip to Santorini I had been REALLY looking forward to for months.

I was let down at the last minute, and after being given the run around by a few people, and I didn't have a plan B in place...so I just said to myself "Screw it!" and that was that (I'm still kicking myself over my decision though)
As I had so much time on my hands, I was able to take a few outfit pics, paint the living room.....and of course shop!

I loooove this blouse so much! it is definitely a current fave in my closet at the moment. I love that although it can be worn with monochrome palettes, it can also be paired with an array of colours and still work! This outfit was a mix of monochrome, animal print and a pop of red (which always works great with leopard prints!)

I am enjoying wearing smaller jackets as the weather has improved recently! It makes a nice change from maxi coats and super thick scarves!

I found the boots in Zara in the sale (do they ever not have a sale?) for £19.99! They are so comfy and the small kitten heel means they are sexy AND a breeze to walk in!, Unfortunately the heel tip has already come off after only 2 wears, but they did come with spare heel tips.

I find that leopard print accessories are a great way to incorporate animal print into your look without it taking over your outfit. As well as shoes, scarves and clutches also work. I use to shy away from any kind of print, but now I embrace it fully!

The bag, I won't go into detail here as I would like to do a seperate post about it. But it is a vintage Chanel tote which was a lucky find on eBay :-D

Jeans £10 Matalan | Blouse £12 Matalan | Jacket £12.50 Topshop found on eBay | Boots £19.99 Zara | Bag Chanel Vintage | Sunglasses 5 Euros from Barcelona | Necklace £20 Aldo | Ring YSL Arty in Lapis Blue

Although things didn't turn out the way I wanted recently, it did teach me a few valuable lessons.

No.1 being not to put all my eggs in one basket....or in this case-someone else's basket, and number 2....Stop Procrastinating!! Make a plan and stick to it!....or at least have a plan B! (shaking my head)

How about you, are you guilty of procrastinating? and equally important-how do you style leopard pieces in your wardrobe?? Comment below and thanks for reading! :-D

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                                                                        What to wear in Sicily

Birthday Blues

Ok, so I had a little attack of the birthday blues. Seriously though, I guess I felt down because I feel like I haven't achieved everything I wanted so far in my life....we all feel like that at one point or another right?
I guess the key is to remember that in life, our hopes and aspirations are not set in stone. Things change, people change....and so, plans change!
So, I didn't become a best selling author like I thought I would at age 6, and I didn't become a singing sensation like I believed I would be at age 13....or even a Doctor, as I hoped I would when I studied Medicinal Science at University. But as I said...things change.

I've changed, and recently I feel like I have less dreams than I did when I was younger....and even worse-I believe that as I have become older, my dreams are less obtainable. Talk about depressing!

But like the seasons, I'm hoping my sombre mood of late won't last long (and judging by the bipolar seasons here in the UK it shouldn't last more than a few hours!). So I'm taking steps to change my outlook on my future....

Although I had an attack of the blues, I did manage to have a good day, as I spent it with my main man aka my son lol.

We went to my latest favourite eatery Vapiano located on Great Portland Street. The food is amazing!-I haven't sampled everything on the menu (give me time) but I have so far loved the BBQ chicken Pizza, and the Gamberetti (prawns with linguine) I love the fact that you have a choice of pasta, and everything is cooked in front of you as you wait.
My son had a margherita pizza which they shape into a cute bunny! (at least I think it was).

We topped off our meal with two salted caramel cupcakes from Harrods which were divine!...except for the sprinkle of rocksalt on top (?!) which did nothing for the flavour!

Now the outfit-It just so happened that I decided to wear blue on that day also (purely coincidental lol).

I am still in love with these cobalt blue skinny jeans I snagged from H&M, and I decided to wear and equally bright colour on top with the sunshine yellow jumper. Usually I do make more of an effort with my birthday outfit-but as I wasn't in much of a birthday mood, and the weather was crap I decided this was enough effort. I finally got my hands on the YSL Arty ring in Lapis blue-so that cheered me up receiving that in the post on my b-day ;-)

I decided to wear my headscarf in this fashion to change it up a bit. I wore it like this for the first time while I was away in Sicily last month and I love it! I will definitely be doing it more this summer.

Although I could have a lot more at my age, I could also have a lot less....and for that reason, I am more than happy with where I am today :-)

Jeans £7 H&M | Jacket £ 17.50 Topshop on eBay | Jumper £14.99 H&M | Boots £49.99 Aldo | Scarf £4 Primark | Bag Louis Vuitton | YSL Arty Ring Found on eBay